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Our Staff:

The school enjoys a number of highly experienced teachers with sound academic and tutorial skills. The school runs an ongoing teacher training program to improve the teaching skills of the teachers and maintain the school's high standards. The school constantly aims to develop on its methods of teaching, allowing the student to enrich in learning the language whilst enjoying the subject; We try to achieve this by working with the students highlighting the ways in which they enjoy to learn and enforcing these methods within the curriculum.
The school also works in close liaison with parents through regular parents meetings and direct communication, allowing the parents to be constantly aware of their child’s achievements.
At The Palestinian School, the collaborative efforts of parents, administrators, teachers and students are of paramount importance for creating a professional learning community. With many different nationalities represented in our school, there is a unique opportunity to develop intercultural awareness and appreciation for the philosophies and way of life of people from different cultures.


Management Committee:
Mrs Manal Shamallakh / Head Teacher / Managing Director
Mrs. Khalida Al Tamimi /  General Manager
Mrs. Nazek AbdelHay / Academic Supervisor

Mr. Attala AlZweidi / Cultural Activities Supervisor