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The Palestinian School established in 2009 a Dabke group, Zajel. Hosting as a part of its launch the annual Palestinian Cultural show.
Dabke is a defiant dance characterised by rhythmic movements. It is the traditional dance of the Levant in the Middle East, where each region has its own particular variety. Palestinian dabke is Palestine's national dance and is most commonly danced at festivals, harvests, weddings and other festivities. Traditionally a dance of celebration, dabke became closely associated with political and national aspirations after the Nakba of 1948 when the state of Israel was declared and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were deported from their land. Since then, dabke has come to represent Palestinian identity and cultural resistance in Palestine and the diaspora.
Zajel for Arts & Culture is a group established in 2009 by Mr.Rajab Shamlakh, as part of the Palestinian school in London. Zajel a Palestinian dance group formed by young Palestinians, who were not born in Palestine, however takes it as their duty to keep the culture and traditions of Palestine alive through there dance. Performing a variety of dance, coming traditionally from Palestine. Zajel has performed in many places like Poland, England and the homeland Palestine, performing in the occasion of ''Al-Quds capital of culture 2009'' and ''Return to the homeland''