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The Curriculum:

The Palestinian School adopts one of the best Arabic curriculums which cover the years from Nursery to year 6. This curriculum is greatly recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education. This curriculum has also proved to be the most suitable for children who live in the West, and gained excellent reputation among a number of leading, moderate, private Arabic schools.
The school offers a curriculum that incorporates internationally recognized educational practices and we have established high standards and benchmarks for academic achievement and performance. We aim to employ our skills and expertise to develop our students intellectually, emotionally and spiritually through a challenging, balanced curriculum.

The school also offers classes for GCSE, AS and A2 students. The school implements a curriculum specially designed for this level of student.

- Lower School

At The Palestinian school, children feel valued for their individual talents and skills. The lower school curriculum (Nursery to year 1) is designed with the developmental stages of children in mind. Concepts and skills are introduced to each child as his/her academic readiness allows. Two or more fully credentialed teachers in each classroom make specialisation possible in specific curriculum areas so that the different developmental stages of children are better served.
Each class focuses on a particular theme that builds on what has been learned before, expanding to more sophisticated ideas as the children are ready. Integrating these themes across art, music and writing is an important part of the curriculum. The Palestinian school Lower School is a wonderful place for children to be challenged, nurtured and valued.
- Upper school

As students move into the upper school (up to A level), they continue to feel valued as individuals, but they also begin the process of more rigorous preparation for the GCSE and ALEVEL exams. A carefully chosen and adapted curriculum allows students to develop excellent habits of the mind. A wide range of extracurricular activities allows them to explore artistic and musical domains. Because teachers and students work together in a genuine partnership that ensures each person dignity and worth, the
possibility of reaching ones full potential is greatly maximised. Those Students who need support are worked with, and the schools scheme of integrating extra help in the students classroom are encouraged to become fully engaged in the school.