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Since 2005, The Palestinian School has been a leader in offering and challenging educational experience that combines learning inside and outside the classroom. Knowledge, Creativity, and Character are the pillars of our idea of education.
All courses are designed for both children who speak Arabic and for those who do not, and are willing to learn, our students are from all communities and they comprise of - Nursery -Reception - Year1 to year 6 - GCSE - AS & A2.

The courses from year 1 to year 6 are designed to enable learners not only to communicate in Modern Standard Arabic using various examples of everyday situations, but will also cover reading, writing, speaking, and Arabic comprehension. At the end of year six, pupils should be able to write and read Arabic with confidence. They will also be able to hold conversations in Arabic and express themselves lucidly and elegantly.

The Palestinian School offers adults, intermediate and advanced weekend Arabic language courses in London.
Our Arabic language classes are designed to meet the needs of individuals wishing to enhance communication with Arab countries, businesses and people, or for anyone considering studying Arabic as a foreign language
This Arabic language course is for adults. It is designed to enable learners to communicate using various examples of everyday situations.
At the end of the course, learners should be able to write and read Arabic confidently, speak a limited set of Arabic sentences and words, and gain some understanding of spoken Arabic.
Written Arabic is almost the same all over the Arab world. But when it comes to spoken Arabic, there are many variations and regional dialects. Standard Arabic is recognized as the formal spoken and written communication in the Arab world. It is used by standard speakers of the language, on official occasions, in education and the printed media.